When you partner with Commercial Lawn Service you can expect personal service, knowledge and expertise. After we work with you to develop a custom maintenance plan, we will implement and manage the program to ensure that your landscape provides aesthetic beauty and meets your economic goals.

Lawn Maintenance
Services include:
Pre-mowing litter collection and removal
Mowing with regular frequency and constant trimming
Removal of clippings if necessary
Distribution of micro-nutrient enriched fertilizer, with frequency depending upon need
Chemical control of unwanted grasses and weeds
Preventive and corrective measures for disease and insect control
Topdressing with soil, additives or conditioners
Overseeding for corrective reasons
Trimming around obstacles
Edging around walkways and curbs
Leaf removal

We also can assist with proper watering practices to help your lawn
develop a strong and healthy root system.

Lawn Installation
By selecting the proper grass for your specific situation and by properly preparing the lawn area prior to planting or laying sod, we can give your lawn the best chance for a long and healthy life.

Landscape Beds and Maintenance
We design and install landscape beds of all sizes for business and organization properties. We provide bed maintenance to keep your green and landscaped areas looking professional, inviting, and well maintained.

Emergency Commercial Services
Our service professionals can quickly respond to your situation to get your landscaped areas back to the professional appearance you need and your customers or tenants expect.

Tree Planting, Pruning, and Removal
We can design and install a wide variety of trees, ranging in size from small, ornamental trees to large, mature trees. We can also maintain your trees through good maintenance practices. Services include:
Cosmetic or corrective pruning
Insect and disease control
Edging of plant beds
Cultivation and/or chemical control of weeds
Tree trimming, guying and staking

Other services
Planting and care of bulbs and annual flowers
Landscaping, both corrective and replacement
Erosion control
Revegetation control

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